Why the Island Enterprise Awards?

Successful businesses are the lifeblood of the economy in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. 


The Bailiwick needs a strong economy; that is robust, resilient and with sufficient inbuilt

expert skills, experience and energy to respond quickly and proactively to prevailing market forces,

the external political environment and changing customer demand.

Every year established businesses across Guernsey are winning awards on national and regional platforms. 


To complement these established successful companies, new companies, representing numerous commercial sectors, are being launched in the Bailiwick as a result of entrepreneurs identifying business opportunities.

From its inception, the new Island Enterprise Awards will be a flagship programme, specific to the world of business in Guernsey, that:


Projects the modernity, the energy and the diversification of the commercial landscape across the Bailiwick;


Culminates in an evening of celebration that quickly establishes itself a reputation of being the single most prestigious business event in the Guernsey calendar; and


Combines aspiration and the will to win with the friendship of networking.

A lot of business success stories bubble up to the surface and enjoy a high profile courtesy of local online and traditional media.  However, much of the energy, commitment and success of Guernsey businesses remain below the radar.


It is the driving objective of the Island Enterprise Awards to attract as many entrants from businesses, irrespective of their longevity of trading, to showcase the depth and breadth of business in Guernsey ... and above all to celebrate business success.

If businesses are successful, then Guernsey will be.